Study programs

All Master's programs

ASE Bucharest organizes the following Master's programs:


Master's program

Accounting and Management Information Systems

  • Auditing Concepts and Practices at National and International Levels
  • International Accounting
  • Accounting, Controlling and Expertise
  • Financial Analysis and Valuation
  • Accounting and Taxation of Economic Entities
  • Accounting, Audit and Management Information Systems (in English/ Romanian)
  • Management Information Systems
  • Business Accounting

Administration and Public Management

  • Administration and Public Management
  • Public Administration and European Integration
  • Human Resources Management in the Public Sector

Agrifood and Environmental Economics

  • Economics and Administration of Agrifood Business
  • Ecological Economics
  • Management of Rural and Regional Development Projects
  • Sustainable Development of Business and Economic Organizations

Bucharest Business School

  • Romanian-Canadian MBA (in English)
  • INDE Romanian-French MBA in The Economic Development of Enterprises (in English)

Business Administration in Foreign Languages

  • Entrepreneurship (in English)
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Administration (in French/ German)
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Administration in the Energy Sector (in English)
  • Business Administration (in English)
  • Digital Business and Innovation
  • Business Intelligence (in English)
  • Business Analytics (in English)
  • Business Administration in Creative and Cultural Industries* (in English)

Business and Tourism

  • Business
  • Business Administration in Commerce
  • Business Administration in Tourism
  • Quality Management, Expertise and Consumer Protection
  • Geopolitics and Business
  • Excellence in Business and Services (in English)
  • Sales and Organizational Development
  • Management and Marketing in Tourism

Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics

  • Cybernetics and Quantitative Economics
  • Applied Statistics and Data Science
  • Economic Informatics
  • Business Analysis and Enterprise Performance Control
  • Informatics Systems for the Management of Economic Resources and Processes
  • E-Business
  • Data Bases - Support for Business
  • IT&C Security (in English)

Finance and Banking

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Finance and Banking - DOFIN
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Management and Investments
  • Taxation
  • Master of Applied Finance (in Englilsh)
  • Actuarial Techniques

International Business and Economics

  • English Language Education and Research Communication for Business and Economics (in English)
  • International Economics and European Affairs
  • Management of International Financial Risk
  • International Logistics
  • International Economic Diplomacy
  • Management of International Business (in English)
  • Foreign Trade
  • Modern Languages and International Business Communication (in English)
  • Entrepreneurial Law
  • European Business Law


  • Business Management
  • Business Project Management
  • Healthcare Services Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Management Consulting and Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Management of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Management of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (in Deva)
  • Management and International Marketing
  • Business Management (in Piatra Neamt)


  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Customer Relationship Management (in English)
  • Marketing and Business Communication
  • Online Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Public Relations in Marketing

Theoretical and Applied Economics

  • European Economics
  • Business Communication
  • Didactic Master's Degree in Economics