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Our University's publishing activity commenced in 1913, the year of its establishment, with the Journal of the Lectures of the Academy of High Commercial and Indistrial Studies ( Revista Cursurilor Academiei de Inalte Studii Comerciale si Industriale ). The Journal published the lectures of the outstanding scholars who moulded the first generations of graduates from Romanian economic higher education: Gheorghe Arghirescu, Ioan Gr. Dimitrescu, Virgil-Traian Madgearu, Anton Davidoglu, Gheorghe Tasca, Spiridon Iacobescu, Vasile Stoicovici and others.

In 1913, the Lectures were printed under the aegis of the Rectorate at the "Dimitrie C. Ionescu" Professional Print shop located on 9 Campineanu Street. Since 1948, the Lectures were multiplied in the University's own litography shop.

ASE Bucharest's publishing activity was conducted under the name Lito ASE until 1997, when ASE Publishing House was recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Culture by means of Certificate no. 4519/ December 9, 1997. The quality of the books (form- and content-wise) has constantly increased. Differences between the books published by ASE Publishign House and professional publishing houses gradually disappeared until 2002. The last aspect that was modernized was the cover design. Moreover, ASE Publishing House started using digital printing technologies (color as well as black-and-white) and high quality paper. The University's academic staff have continued the centennial tradition and kept publishing university lecture books on both theoretical and practical aspects. The content of the lectures has been modernized both as content and structure are concerned, and as regards desktop publishing.

Since 1989, ASE Publishing House has benefited from a cohesive team who has worked in the structure called the Editorial-Publishing Department. At that time, the team resumed the publication of lectures, workbooks, admission brochures. After 84 years of publishing activity, ASE Publishing House obtained recognition from the National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education, being subject to the last external evaluation in 2011. It also obtained recognition for the books published in fields related to human sciences in 2011 and 2012.

Nowadays, book production is characterized by profusion and diversity. Immediately after 1989, we edited only a few volumes per year (1990 - 15 volumes, 1991 - 32 volumes, 1992 - 22 volumes, 1993 - 49 volumes). Subsequently, authors increased their submissions, the editorial capacity increased as well, hence more than 100 volumes are published every year under the aegis of ASE Publishing House. Since 2010, we have published an even larger number of books disseminating scientific research results obtained during research projects.

In 2000, we introduced book collections to better organize publications. Among the former, we mention: Business Administration (Administrarea afacerilor), Mercury (Mercur), Cybernetics (Cibernetica), Economic Informatics (Informatica economica) , Statistics and Econometrics ( Statistica si econometrie), Economic and Financial Analysis (Analiza economico-financiara), Accounting (Contabilitate), Education Sciences (Stiintele educatiei), Communication in Economic Contexts (Comunicare in economie) , Economic Schools, Trends and Economists (Scoli, curente, economisti), Economic Theory (Teorie economica), Agricultural Economics (Economie agrara), Marketing (Marketing), Tecknologia (Tecknologia), Insurance and Reinsurance (Asigurari si reasigurari ) , Corporate Finance ( Finante corporative), General Finance (Finante generale), Public Finance (Finante publice), Financial Markets (Piete financiare), Money and Banking (Moneda si banci), International Business (Afaceri internationale), International Economics ( Economie internationala), Reader's Workshop (Atelier de lectures), Business Communication ( Comunicare in afaceri), Cogito , Socioeconomics (Socio-economie), Et in Arcadia ego , Great Personalities of ASE Bucharest (Personalitati ale ASE), Space and Time (Spatiu si timp), Migraines (Migrene), Mathematics for Economists (Matematici pentru economisti), Business Law (Dreptul afacerilor), A healthy mind in a healthy body ( Minte sanatoasa in corp sanatos) etc. In May 2008, the staff of ASE Publishing House divided into two teams:"University books" and "Periodicals".

Since 1960, the University has had its own bookstore, meant to sell the books that were lithographed or edited within the institution. The book store still exists and it is managed by ASE Publishing House. In 2007 the website of ASE Publishing House was created and linked to the University's website; the former offers details on the institution''s publishing activity and publications, including sections that refer to new publications and catalogue. In the second half of the year 2009, the online bookshop was created; it was inaugurated on January 19, 2010 when the first book order was placed.

Ever since 2000, ASE Publishing House has participated in various book fairs. The most important one is Gaudeamus , which takes place every year in November. The University's stand has hosted events meant to launch books, promote the University's educational offer, as well as academic and scientific events taking place within ASE Bucharest. These events benefitted from the presence of distinguished authors and representatives of the University's faculties and teaching departments. Books were launched on other occasions, as well, especially during the Days of the Publishing House . On these occasions, ASE Publishing House invited academic staff from ASE Bucharest and other universities, men of culture, scientists, passionate readers. The Bucharest University of Economic Studies received numerouse awards during the book fairs it participated in. Moreover, a series of books published under the aegis of ASE Publishing House received special awards.

Over the last years, the periodicals published by ASE Publishing House have diversified. The collection has preserved traditional periodicals, to which new online periodicals have been added, as well as internationally recognized conference proceedings.

In 2012, Bucharest University of Economic Studies signed the Protoccol of Accession to the Union of Academic and University Book Publishers (AECAU). The Union is a part of the Universitaria Consortium, reuniting prestigious Romanian universities: Bucharest University of Economic Studies, the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, the West University of Timisoara.

A first rank university naturally has a publishing house that aspires towards continuous increase of its quality and performance. Benefiting from the valuable intellectual capital of Bucharest University of Economic Studies, ASE Publishing House will continue to progress for the benefit of students and the entire academic community, as its main objective is to increase the university's national and international prestige.

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