Cultural centers

ASE's Cultural Centers

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies encurages multicultural and multilingual exchanges for its students and staff by means of extracurricular activities organized by its Cultural Centers:

  • The Indian Chair - established in June 2021 in partnership with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations
  • The Centre of Japanese Studies - established in March 2018 with the support of the Japanese Embassy in Romania
  • The Centre for American Studies - established in January 2017, in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Romania and the Romanian-U.S Fulbright Commission
  • The French Studies Centre (Centre de Reussite Universitaire) - established in March 2015 in partnership with The Francophone University Agency (AUF); CRU ASE inherited resources and experience from the activities of its predecessors - The French Lectorate, (set up in 1992) and The Campus Numerique Francophone Partenaire (set up in 2012)
  • The Russian Cultural Centre - established in December 2009 in partnership with the Russkiy Mir Foundation, Moscow