Study programs

Doctoral studies

The development of doctoral schools within Bucharest University of Economic Studies occurs in the context of it being one of the best research intensive and education universities in Romania. This is the most prestigious economic university in Romania, which has been organizing economic studies for nearly a century.

Currently, Bucharest University of Economic Studies organizes doctoral programs in Economic Studies and Law.

The university operates ten doctoral schools in economics and a doctoral school of law:

  • Business Administration
  • Economic Cybernetics and Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Economics I (organized by the Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Economics)
  • Economics II (organized by the Faculty of Agrifood and Environmental Economics)
  • Economics and International Business
  • Finance
  • Economic Informatics
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Law

Doctoral schools are organized by the faculties of the University. Doctoral work at Bucharest University of Economic Studies is managed by the Council for Doctoral Studies (CSUD). The Council consists of professors and doctoral students from our University and professors from other universities in the country and abroad.

The activity of graduate schools is organized to ensure that the following principles are respected:

  • the principle of transparency by consulting all PhD advisors.
  • the principle of responsibility of each member of the doctoral schools and the full exploitation of his/ her potential.
  • the principle of quantitative evaluation of the activity of doctoral schools and their members, proposing an evaluation of each and every member of the doctoral schools (PhD advisors and PhD students) based on a set of quantitative indicators that are defined depending on the requirements of their reaccreditation process.
  • development of interdisciplinary research that will produce works of high scientific value.
  • compliance with ethical and professional conduct;
  • internationalization of the activities of the doctoral schools.

For more details, visit the Doctoral School webpage (in Romanian):