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Visual identity

Thank you for accessing the official site of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, established by Royal Decree No. 2978/ April 1913, under the name of "The Academy of High Commercial and Industrial Studies".

ACADEMIA DE STUDII ECONOMICE DIN BUCURESTI has been the official Romanian name of the University since 1967. The institution has trained tens of generations of economists thus contributing to the development of the Romanian education, science and culture.

The University values free thinking, academic freedom, the fundamental human rights and freedoms and the rule of law.

ASE Bucharest's Visual identity has unique elements that are meant to promote a coherent and unitary image of the university:

  • Name: ACADEMIA DE STUDII ECONOMICE DIN BUCURESTI (The Bucharest University of Economic Studies)
  • Headquarters: 6 Piata Romana, 1 st district, Bucharest, Romania;
  • Abbreviation: ASE;
  • Day of Institution: April 6 th , celebrated every year by means of scientific, cultural and sports events
  • Official website:
  • Official logo :


Sigla Academiei de Studii Economice din Bucuresti