The research activity conducted in Bucharest University of Economic Studies is coordinated by the Division of Research and Innovation Management, as well as by the management structures of the research centers established within the University:

  1. The ECO-INFOSOC Centre for Research in Modelling and Informatization of Social and Economic Processes
  2. The National Excellence Centre for Comparative Management Studies
  3. The Center for Research in Economic Analyses and Policies
  4. The Centre for Accounting and Management Information Systems
  5. The PM FORUM Research Center in Project Management and Technological Innovation
  6. The Center for Research in Regional Analyses and Policies
  7. The CEFIMO Center for Research in Financial and Monetary Issues
  8. The TEODORA CRISTEA Center for Research in Literature and Applied Linguistics
  9. The Center for Research in International Business and Economics
  10. The Center for Research in Business Management through Projects
  11. The CEMARK Center for Fundamental and Applied Research in Marketing
  12. The Center for Surveys and Polls
  13. The Research Center for Business Administration
  14. The Center for Research in Administration and Public Services
  15. The PROMAR Center for Research in Macroeconomic and Regional Forecasting
  16. The International Centre for Public Management
  17. The Centre for Research in Intellectual Capital and Entrepreneurship
  18. The CACTUS Centre for Research in Tourism and Services
  19. The Scientific Research Center of the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences 
  20. The Center for Advanced Research in Finance and Banking
  21. The Centre for Advanced Research in Fundamental and Applied Mathematics
  22. The Centre for Research in Operations Management
  23. The Advanced Research Centre for Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Cybernetic Modelling - CIBEREC