Study programs

Bucharest University of Economic Studies organizes 3-year Bachelor's study programs, according to the Bologna Declaration. ASE offers Bachelor's programs taught in English, French, German and Romanian in the following domains of study: Economic Sciences, Administrative Sciences, Law, Sociology and Humanities.

Bachelor's domains within ASE Bucharest:

The Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems

Accounting is a profession subject to ongoing change, reflecting the new challenges of the information society and the knowledge-based economy. The Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems offers study programs that train competent and professional accountants with the right knowledge, skills, attitude and deontological values. The Bachelor's program ensures basic training in areas such as: bookkeeping in firms, public institutions and credit institutions; organizing and performing internal audit and control; elaborating, presenting and analyzing financial reports for firms, public institutions and credit institutions; elaborating, presenting and analyzing consolidated financial statements; accounting operations associated with mergers, dissolutions, liquidations and acquisitions; using management information systems; elaborating and presenting tax statements.

Bachelor's domain: Accounting and Management Information Systems


The Faculty of Administration and Public Management

Ever since 1913, the Law establishing the Academy of High Commercial and Industrial Studies, promulgated by Royal Decree No. 2978/ April 6, 1913, stipulated the mission of the Faculty of Public Administration, respectively "to train professionals for economic public administration functions". This tradition was resumed in the 1995-1996 academic year, when the Faculty of Management offered the specialization in Public Administration; later on, in 2003 the Department of Administration and Public Management was created. The mission of the Faculty of Administration and Public Management is to train specialists in central and local public administration and promote scientific research in this field.

1. Didactic mission: The Faculty aims to train professionals in Public Administration in general, enabling them to manage all categories of resources available within public institutions, to improve the organization and management of public institutions and authorities, to render public services more efficient, to wisely capitalize upon investments in the public sector, to improve public procurement. In a nutshell, the Faculty aims to form public servants whose profile corresponds to the European standards regarding professional ethics and deontology.

2. Teaching and scientific research: The Faculty of Administration and Public Management aims to form professional career-oriented public servants, whose training allows them to successfully integrate in public institutions and authorities that are directly involved in the process of reforming Romanian public administration. The curriculum contains various specialized disciplines that complete students' training by means of presenting novel concepts, methods and techniques employed in the administrative systems of the European Union Member States, thus ensuring graduates' proper theoretical and practical training and rendering them eligible for employment in administrative structures from Romania and abroad.

Bachelor's domain: Administration and Public Management, Human Resources


The Faculty of Agrifood and Environmental Economics

The Bachelor's program in Agrifood and Environmental Economics is based on a curricula designed to familiarize students with agricultural and environmental policy mechanisms, as well as with the functioning of agricultural markets, the consolidation of decisions in various fields: management, marketing, accounting and finance, economic and financial analysis etc.. Graduates find jobs in agricultural enterprises as well as in the food industry; the practical and theoretical knowledge they have acquired enables them to elaborate strategies, design and execute various operations at production level, ensure material and marketing resources with a view to maximizing company profits and meeting consumer needs. The Bachelor's program in Agrifood and Environmental Economics ensures the theoretical and practical training of students, who acquire specific skills in financial and accounting management of food industry companies, elaboration of income and expenditure budgets, as well as of statistical records, communication and negotiation in agribusiness, elaborating business plans and rural development projects, conducting market surveys, elaborating a marketing mix, performing economic and financial analysis of environmental issues, elaborating environmental audit reports, consolidating command and control tools for the preservation of natural capital, designing communication strategies in environmental management, consolidating the environmental marketing mix as well as environmentally friendly market strategies.

Bachelor's domain: Agrifood and Environmental Economics


The Faculty of Business Administration (in Foreign Languages)

By attending a Bachelor's program in Business Administration, students will master the methods, techniques and tools that will enable them to manage a business and solve both internal and external issues that may arise. This Bachelor's program ensures the basic training in the aforementioned field, graduates obtaining competences that make them eligible for employment with multinational organizations or Romanian companies functioning at European Union standards. Our graduates are able to understand the national and international business environment, having also acquired specialized communication competences in two modern languages. The Bachelor's program in Business Administration offers courses in the following fields: finance and accounting, information technology, marketing, management, communication, entrepreneurship. The program is taught entirely in English, French or German.

Bachelor's domain: Business Administration (in Foreign Languages)


The Faculty of Business and Tourism

An integral part of business administration, commercial activities require more and more complex training. Graduates from the Faculty of Commerce easily integrate on the labor market due to the quality of the education they receive, which is the result of more than half a century of experience. Thus, students develop their entrepreneurship, initiative and creativity, gain knowledge of merchandise and services, learn how to assess the latter's quality, and develop efficient communication skills throughout the Bachelor's program they attend. Students' keen interest in the programs offered by the Faculty of Commerce comes from modern attractive and highly applied curricula, as well as from the study abroad scholarships available.

Bachelor's domain: Business Administration


The Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics

Contemporary economic and social relations are characterized by great complexity; to understand them, one needs to resort to mathematical and economic modeling, to modern statistical methods, as well as to the tools of economic informatics. All these are included in the curricula of the highly practical Bachelor's programs offered by the Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics, which provide students with the required skills and competences for their future profession. Graduates are able to perform a variety of functions: to organize and optimize production at microeconomic level, to organize activities in the fields of administration, transportation, production systems analysis, finance, insurance, banking and management, to process data, to consolidate economic decisions, to conduct statistical surveys and interpret their results, to calculate statistical indicators.

Bachelor's domains: Economic Cybernetics, Statistics, Economic Informatics


The Faculty of Finance and Banking

A great economist said that money represents the blood that irrigates the economic system. Along the same lines, we can say that finance is the key to the good functioning of domestic economy as well as of world economy, at the same time generating a plethora of problems. The daily confrontation with these problems has triggered the creation of the academic environment that could lead to the formation of financial professionals. The Faculty of Finance, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange represents a landmark in Romanian financial education. The curricula of the study programs offered by the Faculty meet the need for training professionals in the fields of public finances, banking, insurance or the fascinating stock exchange.

Bachelor's domain: Finance


The Faculty of International Business and Economics

The Faculty of International Business and Economics offers competitive training in its field. Study programs at all levels are delivered either entirely in Romanian or entirely in English. The Bachelor's program in International Business and Economics develops students' competences in negotiating and performing international transactions and payments, as well as in international economic diplomacy. The program also develops students' mastery of at least two modern languages.

Bachelor's domains: International Business and Economics, Applied Modern Languages


The Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law organizes the only 4-year long Bachelor?s program in the field of Law. The program is taught in Romanian and aims at training future legal professionals for activities specific to the legal area in various fields of activity (such as, for example, justice, public administration, business, non-profit activities etc.). The curricula combine specialized disciplines in the field of Law, with disciplines in the fields of Accounting, Economics, Informatics, International Economic Relations, Management and Marketing, Statistics etc. Interdisciplinary theoretical study is combined with hands-on experience facilitated by means of relevant internship opportunities. Graduates obtain the title of Bachelor in Law.

Bachelor's domain: Law


The Faculty of Management

Management is a relatively new economic science, which has its own means to reach the objectives set by manufacturers or public service companies. It is about the specific market economy methods, techniques and concepts that allow for the remodeling of organizations so as to ensure competitiveness. The total and complex character of management has been proved by practice. It is 'total' in that it addresses all the stakeholders of an organization, be they internal (i.e. employees), or external (i.e. clients, providers, shareholders etc.). It is 'complex' in that it represents a general activity, oriented towards change and better meeting the market demand. The mission of the Faculty of Management is to train professionals in the running and organization of economic activities; thus, the disciplines in the curricula are taught by outstanding academic staff members. We aim to show that management is not only a science and an art, but also a new and modern mindset, reflecting a certain way of looking upon, searching for and accepting organizational progress and change. The Bachelor's program in Management ensures the basic training in this field, equipping graduates with skills and competences that enable them to put into practice the methods, techniques and procedures specific for modern management.

Bachelor's domain: Management


The Faculty of Marketing

As an economic science, Marketing includes a set of methods, techniques and tools by means of which an organization, irrespective of its line of activity, investigates the environment in which it operates (marketing research), sets objectives and designs strategies to reach them (strategic marketing planning), designs and performs business operations (marketing programs) with a view to maximizing profit and meeting the needs of society at the required level. The curricula of the Bachelor's program in Marketing contains disciplines that reflect this set of methods, techniques and tools, thus developing students' specialized skills and competences to form professional marketers. The Bachelor's program in Marketing ensures the basic training in the field, which is highly practice-oriented. The graduates are able to perform a variety of marketing activities and hold positions such as: survey operator, merchandiser, sales representative, customer service representative, advertising agent, public relations officer etc.

Bachelor's domain: Marketing


The Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Economics

Thorough comprehension of economics and economic communication concepts and tools, as well as of the way in which a (micro- or macroeconomic) organization influences the environment it operates on, allows business professionals to set goals and design strategies meant to keep an organization on the market. The Bachelor's and Master's programs offered by the Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Economics are based on curricula that ensure training in methods, tools and techniques of analysis, action and communication. The Faculty's Bachelor's program trains professionals required by government organizations: economic advisers and analysts, governmental experts, strategic planners. Graduates are skilled in economic analysis, risk analysis and assessment, public policies, public relations and economic communication.

Bachelor's domain: Economics