The University aims to maintain excellence in research by undertaking scientific research projects and topics in co-operation with other national and international education and research institutions, as well as within research networks and consortia.

To perform scientific research activities, the University's research teams have benefitted from the cooperation of leading international figures in their respective fields. The University has concluded research agreements with various partners from Romania and abroad, including bilateral agreements.

Here are the main funding sources for the research projects undertaken at University level:

International funding

Framework Programme 7
Bilateral Agreements
COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)
CERGE (Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education)
European Social Fund - SOP HRD projects

National funding

Competitiveness Programmes - investment projects
Innovation Programme - Bilateral Agreements, Innovation Cheques, Partnerships Programme
Ideas Programme - exploratory research projects, complex research, exploratory workshops
Schools of Advanced Study
Human Resources Programme - stimulating young research teams, postdoctoral research
Sectoral Plan - partnerships with research institutes
The Business Environment - partner beneficiaries from the private sector